APPT Season 9 Macau Main Event Final—Yat Wai Cheng takes it for HK$2,525,000

After five days of grinding action, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour Macau Main Event has come to an end, the most anticipated event of the 2015 series stop. Final table play would see seven players at the felt with Yat Wai Cheng earning the first place finish. During final table play, Cheng would hold the chip lead and never look back, taking the top spot after defeating Weijie Ye in heads up play.

As the action began, the opening level would see two big stack players clashing instantly. Taking on Weiyi Zhang, Cheng would earn a massive pot, helping to clinch his victory. Zhang would raise from the button on a particular hand and Cheng would raise to only be four-bet by Zhang. Cheng would five bet and Zhang would go all in for over 2.5 million in chips. Cheng had the upper hand with a larger chip stack so he called. Zhang showed A-K suited diamonds, with Cheng holding pocket kings. A board of 9-high would give Cheng the hand and send Zhang out in seventh place.

Zhenru Xie would be eliminated in sixth place thanks to Fan Zhao with Chun Liang Kuo exiting in fifth place just twenty minutes later by Cheng. By this time, four handed play would begin and would take over an hour before Zhenru Xie was up against Cheng, with an all-in. Trip 6s would give Cheng the hand and bring the tournament down to three remaining players.

Cheng would then eliminate Florencio Campomanes in third place to begin heads-up play. Cheng would have a 2-1 chip lead over Weiji Ye in the final round. It would take only 30 minutes for Cheng to earn the first place win after Ye moved all in with pocket 5s. Cheng’s K-J would be the better hand after a king fell on the flop. Cheng would earn the first place finish and Ye would have to settle for second place.

Final Results:

  • First Yat Wai Cheng                                   HKD$2,525,000
  • Second Weiji Ye                                          HDK$1,526,000
  • Third Florencio Campomanes                 HDK$926,000
  • Fourth Zhenru Xie                                     HDK$698,000
  • Fifth Chun Liang Kuo                                HDK$490,000
  • Sixth Fan Zhao                                            HDK$381,000
  • Seventh Weiyi Zhang                                 HDK$310,280

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